When I say ‘breasts’ what is the first thing you think of?
Is it a drunken partner fumbling your boobs in foreplay, a baby feeding from them late at night or a doctor examining them with freezing cold hands? Or maybe it’s just a mental image of Demi Moore dancing on stage in ‘Striptease.’ Whatever the thought we normally associate breasts as objects for other people…

How do you feel about your breasts? How do you love and care for them? 

If you’re like me the answer is not very well. Before I started loving my breasts I barely touched them unless it was to clean or engage in a sexual act, even that felt forced because I wasn’t connected to them. They didn’t bring me pleasure and it only got worse after breastfeeding – they belonged to my children, not for me! 

Being a Sex & intimacy coach I realized I was neglecting such a beautiful, important part of my body. I could feel my blocks and limitations, both spiritually & physically, coming from my chest area because I was not loving my breasts... 

Welcome to the Heart-gasm! If that word seems too scary think ‘breast massage.’ 

 Now we all know what our boobs do for us, they feed our babies, they alert us when our periods are coming and they have the ability to turn (some of us) on! However, like many women not knowing our vaginas are inside and our vulvas are outside (yes that’s correct ladies), a lot of us don’t know how far loving our breasts can really go…

 Breast massages can have physical, emotional & relationship benefits. 


 Our lymphatic system is highly concentrated in the underarm and chest regions of our bodies. Our lymphatic system is the president of removing our toxic cells. By stimulating these areas, taking off our bras and massaging our breasts, it can help drain stagnant lymph fluid and bring in fresh blood supply. Who doesn’t want fresh, healthy blood running around our boobs & bodies? 

Physical massage is also used as a great tool for identifying breast cancer early on and easing sore muscles, improving mobility and breastfeeding.

 And let's not forget the best part – pleasure! Did you know the nipples and breasts are connected to the vagina by nerve pathways or meridians (energetic channels), which allow stimulation of the breasts to cause a direct physiological response in the vagina? That’s right, we can get pleasure from our breasts! 

In true sexism and patriarchal style, because women’s bodies aren’t as profitable or valued as much as men’s little research has been done on the effects of breast massage however it has been shown to be effective at reducing lymph build-up in the body in post op mastectomy breast cancer survivors, research taking from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, PMC.


 A present & caring partner caressing our breasts can create a loving sexual connection. But there’s another breast connection we’re forgetting about, the one closest to our hearts. Our breasts protect our hearts and live in the same space where we hold grief and sadness. Like tapping therapy, breast massaging has the ability to release these stored emotions, creating a vital role in health & wellbeing. 


I love that first falling in love feeling, don’t you? 

It’s a time when women are more likely to orgasm because the heart is typically less blocked and more open. As relationships continue, sex can slow and orgasms can become elusive. This is partially due to the fact that we start building more tension within the relationship as our expectations are left unmet and disappointments and emotions arise. When we shut down we become distant from our partners and our own hearts, this affects our orgasmic capacity as well as our desires for sex & intimacy. Sound familiar? 

Massaging our breasts will help unblock some of the pent up emotion in this area of your body, while opening your body to more pleasure & renewed connection.  

The 12 benefits of Breast Massage

 Strengthens the neurological pathway between your breasts and vagina. 

  1. Balanced of estrogen levels 
  2. Release helpful hormones such as DHEA & Oxytocin (Oxytocin is responsible for feelings of calm, connection and the queen hormone of orgasms!)
  3. Increased blood & lymphatic circulation in the breasts 
  4. Increased sexual pleasure (yes!)
  5. Increase orgasmic pleasure (even better…) 
  6. Cultivate sexual desire 
  7. Amplify fullness & buoyance of the breasts
  8. Promotes mental clarity & feelings of centeredness
  9. Amplify relaxation 
  10. Improve overall vitality 
  11. Transforms pent up sexual desire into relaxed sensuality 

 Great news! Who knew our breasts held so much power? 

Massaging them for five minutes daily works to build sensitivity towards pleasure, while strengthening the energetic connections & nerve pathways between your breasts, heart and vagina! 

First and foremost your breasts are for your pleasure! Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.