But not for the reasons you might think.

Self-care is making a much needed comeback. Where did it come from, you might ask? Slowing down and taking the time to pamper and tune into the body has historically been a ritual in many cultures. Think: Japanese onsen, Indian abhyanga and Vunkuwa African massage. Where did self-care go? I don’t have the magic answer to this question, but I suspect that our oh-so-full modern lives have left little room for the slow pace of consistent care for numero uno. We all know that “oxygen mask metaphor”, the one that sort of implies we should save ourselves so that we can save someone else. Well, I think we need to re-frame that idea: let’s take care of and love all up on ourselves because we deserve to be taken care of and loved all up on!

Do you carve out time, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, to be with yourself? Yoni steaming, the art of peri-steam hydrotherapy or the “vag-acial” as it’s been coined during its modern resurgence, is a simple, beautiful act of self-care. And it feels real, real good.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” — Rumi

Let’s cut to the chase. What on earth is a yoni and why would somebody steam it? Yoni is the sanskrit word for the female genitalia. Aka the vulva, but know that the steam can reach the vagina, womb, ovaries and accompanying lady parts, dependent on the duration of the steam session.

People who yoni-steam report the following benefits:

-toning & firming of vulva/vaginal tissues (especially after childbirth)

-regulation of cycle

-better sleep & deep relaxation

-increased lubrication

-better sex!

-improvement with gynecological issues like: cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, painful cramps, irregular/short cycle, chronic infections like BV/yeast.

Is there anything yoni steaming doesn’t do? Well, yes—it doesn’t fold the laundry or make dinner. But it does require you to take a moment for yourself to just be still. To receive nurturing. To get grounded. To re-learn yourself. Our menstrual cycles are these genius maps that show us what is happening within our bodies and within our external worlds. So, you get the delicious benefits of self-care along with an opportunity to reconnect to the guidebook of your wildly intelligent corporeality.

Yoni steaming can connect you to your second chakra, which not only houses your womb, but is the energetic center of creation in the body. Whether you’re birthing babies or birthing dreams, ideas and projects, your feminine energy needs attention, nurturing and care. 

You deserve this deep nurturing and time for yourself. Your vagina will love you, too. What’s not to love about rose petals, lavender, white sage, calendula flowers and warm steam caressing your most delicate parts?

Yes, you need to yoni-steam.