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The FLEUR, meaning flower in French, is the perfect way for beginners to grow their exploration in anal and g-spot stimulation. Like a flower, these areas need time, care and tenderness, whether it’s for self pleasure or penetrative sex. 

The Fleur is a slim, non-intimidating, pleasure tool with a ring stopper that guides you through your experience without feeling overwhelmed. The Fleur has a narrow neck, which means the anal muscles can relax around it, and the ring works both as a stopper and for maneuverability. Insert it whole for full pleasure. 

Explore anal and g-spot play in a garden of growth with ‘The Fleur.’

  • Made of 100% borosilicate glass
  • Hypoallergenic and body-safe
  • Non-porous and imperfection-free
  • Temperature play (can be heated or cooled)

Length : 5" | 13cm

Internal length : 3.5" | 9cm

Neck width : 0.6" | 1.5cm

Bulb width : 1.25" | 3cm

Base width : 2" | 5cm

Weight: 3.2oz | 90g