Coaching for women and men who want extraordinary relationships and sexual intimacy beyond their wildest dreams. (When I say relationships don’t forget the most important one – the one you have with yourself!)

Are you ready to say YES to more pleasure, love, confidence and magic in your life?

Are you ready to up level and create the experiences you’ve never even whispered aloud before? 

Lila loves supporting people in the following areas:

- Orgasm, Orgasm, Orgasm

- Bringing back confidence in the bedroom after motherhood

- Awakening sexual desire and libido

- Desire discrepancies in relationships

- Discovering authentic expression in sex

- Authentic communication

- Understanding and centering your pleasure

- Empowered Birth + Parenting

- Navigating relationships

- Breakups

 To dedicate her time lovingly to you, Lila only accepts a handful of clients to work with 1:1 so she can give you the best experience. Lila is open, honest and leads from her heart; therefore she won’t waste your time if it’s not the best fit (she is happy to recommend other coaches). 

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life, to dive deep and to find your treasure? Please fill out the form below. 

Client work is intimate because our time and energy is precious, please be conscious and ready to start before applying. You’ll hear back from me soon if we’re an aligned match. 

What is Sex + Intimacy Coaching?

Sex + Intimacy coaching helps clients address specific sexuality issues and needs. Coaches empower and support their clients in creating a healthy, fulfilling sex life. This form of coaching has evolved from traditional psychotherapy and clinical sexology into an offspring of Life coaching - because pleasure can upgrade all aspects of our lives.

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